Nuno Espirito Santo unsure on squad depth amid confusing summer

For Spurs fans, the last summer was one of the most frustrating in memory. Ever since Jose Mourinho departed the club, fans have been wondering what happens next with regards to the coaching program. However, the late arrival of Nuno Espirito Santo after the failure to land several more high-profile names has had fans worried.

The former Wolverhampton Wanderers coach is regarded across Europe as a fine tactician and a strong man manager. However, is he in the same kind of reputation as the likes of Antonio Conte, who was heavily linked with the role himself? Arguably not.

However, one thing that Nuno does bring to the table is a desire for a smaller squad. Given Spurs have managed to bloat up the first-team unit for several years now with quantity over quality, Nuno was clear that he wanted to reduce options but improve quality.

The summer signings fitted that kind of methodology, and the fact several players who were regulars in previous seasons have been all but jettisoned from the first team shows where Nuno wants to take the team.

After the embarrassing 3-0 beating at Crystal Palace, though, Nuno spoke with the press afterwards about the importance of having a smaller squad. At Wolves, Nuno often ran with a smaller squad that was far more tight-knit than the large playing staff at Spurs.

Though this could often lead to issues with injuries and a lack of depth, Nuno was clear in the previous job that he preferred the smaller depth.

At Spurs, though, there are so many players that it is hard to keep up. Throw in the numerous injuries and now suspensions and it is hard to see when Nuno will have a full team to pick from.

What did Nuno Espirito Santo say about Tottenham’s squad depth?

Speaking in his presser after the defeat to Palace, Nuno was asked about the difference in the size of his new squad. As was noted, at Spurs he has a much larger squad that should allow for rotation.

With so many players out, though, Nuno simply noted on the size of the squad and the rotation issues: “But this is what the squad is for. There are no kind of excuses. I believe that we have a good squad and enough quality and talent to overcome all the situations.

“What happened today and what happened during the week, it’s going to repeat all throughout the season so we’re going to have to be ready.”

When quizzed on whether or not he believes his squad has the ability to be rotated, Nuno added: “The players have to be ready to step in and perform, and perform better and it’s my job to find the higher levels of performance that I believe our squad has.”

At the moment, then, the Portuguese still looks to be finding out what his best team actually is. Expect that to continue for some time in the near future.

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